We are a family club where all ages are welcome.  Our members range from 8 years of age to well over sixty and qualified help is always at hand .  We are a field archery club and we enjoy shooting at targets that look like animals but are really only made of very strong rubber.  In fact we all enjoy the countryside and are lovers of the wild.  Field archery is simulation of hunting and is a great way to walk our woodlands and fields.  We are affiliated to the National Field Archery Society which provides us with training and infrastructure, as well as insurance cover, to enjoy our sport to the full.

Regularly, clubs up and down the country organise shoots where all are welcome.  A great way to practise our sport in friendly competitions where really the taking part only matters...well, winning a medal is always welcome!

We celebrated in 2010 our 10th anniversary with a hugely succesfull shoot attended by over 100 archers.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any query you have about the great sport of archery or just to find out more.  Before you leave our site please watch our video INTRODUCTION TO FIELD ARCHERY which will give you a good idea on how we spend our time.

If you are visiting our corner of the South West and would like to try your hand at shooting arrows in a great setting then click HERE.  You can also contact Bowmen of Bude on 07747886413 or email, we will be happy to answer your questions and make sure you have a great time, bow in hand! 

If you wish to book for a shoot go to the " BOOKING FOR SHOOTS " page for details.

We hope to see you soon.





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